Counter-Strike 2 will copy an audio feature from Dota 2, leaks suggest

This change opens the avenue for new cosmetics.

Valve is adding multiple announcers to Counter-Strike 2 and will allow players to choose the announcer of their preference via the game’s settings, according to recent leaks. A similar system is already in place in the developer’s MOBA title Dota 2.

The most exciting aspect of this feature is not only that players get to choose between a male or female announcer, but it’s the possibility of Valve implementing a new cosmetic for CS2 that already exists in Dota 2, the announcer packs.

The developer could work with popular broadcast members like Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill and Alex “Machine” Richardson, for example, or even add the announcer voice of Gaben Newell, the iconic president of Valve.

“Seems like in Counter-Strike 2 you will be able to choose between Announcers straight from the Settings,” reputable leaker Aquarius said. “This opens up the possibility for new cosmetics type: Announcer Packs (like in Dota). Imagine GabeN or GLaDOS saying: “Bomb has been planted”.

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This feature can already be found in CS2’s coding, but it hasn’t been implemented in the game’s limited test that is currently in place, and most likely will only make its way into the game once CS2 releases worldwide this summer. As the leaks suggest, players would be capable of choosing between the regular announcer, CS:GO‘s classic announcer, a new masculine announcer, and a new female announcer.

The community seems excited about the possibility of customizing CS2’s audio according to their taste and is already making requests for Valve. “Please add [the] Team Fortress 2 announcer as an option,” one player said. Another player was more creative and suggested Valve release a Snoop Dogg announcer pack as Call of Duty did.

This change, if implemented, goes in line with what the CS:GO community has been wanting for yearsmore customizable options and new content. We’ll have to wait, though, to see if Valve will keep the pace and continue delivering new features.

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