CoreJJ believes NA can win Worlds under one condition

The support player chimed in on the discussion.

Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in is convinced North America can win the League of Legends World Championship one day, despite the region’s struggles on the international stage.

The support player believes NA can perform well at Worlds if teams from the region practice as hard as those from South Korea and China.

“I do not believe there is zero chance of NA winning Worlds, besides all the environmental disadvantages we may have,” CoreJJ said in an interview with Korizon.

“I believe we can win Worlds, just with the players we have here right now… We have to put in at least 90 percent of the practice the Eastern players are putting into the game. That’s the baseline,” he added.

CoreJJ talked also mentioned how North American infrastructure has improved a lot in terms of work-life balance, and as a result, has saved players from experiencing burnout. The player admitted that NA is better when it comes to balancing work and life, and he himself had experienced similar issues in Korea. “I know how burnouts arrive on players,” he said.

But, according to CoreJJ, the better infrastructure isn’t of much use if the team or a player “does not have the fundamentals.”

CoreJJ also acknowledged that Eastern teams play more regularly than those in the West, which is the main reason behind their dominance on the international stage. “They’re literally grinding their body into the game, thirteen, fourteen hours a day,” he said.

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