Controversial LoL add-ons have some players begging for bans

To be banned, or not to be banned, that is the question.

With over 160 champions, more than 200 items, and dozens of rune options, League of Legends can be daunting for new players. Thankfully, there are third-party applications gamers can install that help them with runes picks, matchups, and even which starting item is best to purchase. And, the information these apps provide is always growing.

Today, League players are calling for them to either be nerfed or banned, with the disgruntled gamers claiming the info they share is causing disadvantages across the Rift.

In a post on the League subreddit on May 8, one fan showed a clip where Neeko was discoverable even though she was disguised as a minion, purely because the enemys gold difference was displayed via the Blitz Pro overlay.

This has caused a stir among League players, with some now calling for Riot Games to ‘nerf’ the applications. Many believe theres no need for additional features like cooldown timers because players should be tracking their enemys abilities and summoner spell usage and having them in a program is basically cheating.

Others claim its creating a disadvantage for players who dont have these third-party features and think Riot should implement them for everyone to use or ban them.

But, as many other League players said, these apps do nothing good as they can lead to players not learning how to read the map, understand runes or items, or know how to use the features already implemented for players. 

So, whether you do use these apps or not, theres a consensus they either need to be nerfed, integrated for everyone, or banned for a level playing field in League.

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