Controversial Dota 2 tournament organizer pays off 5-month debt with teams

"Transaction complete."

Right after the third Dota Pro Circuit tour concluded, the South American region embarked on a new challenge, Hunger Games. As the organizer 4D Esports failed to pay the prize winnings of the participating teams, many organizations and players found themselves struggling with juggling bills and other liabilities.

4D Esports released a statement today, reassuring fans that the situation has been handled and all seven remaining that werent paid received their money from the 2022 DPC Tour Three.

The former organizer for the SA Dota 2 regional leagues apologized for the five-month-long delay, claiming it would do everything in its power to avoid a failure like this in the future again.

While 4D Esports claimed it showed great effort to come up with the money, an almost half-a-year waiting time for tournament winnings is simply not good enough for the competing parties.

Most teams and players have seasonal expenses like organizing boot camps or relocating players, and squads without organizations cover these expenses with prize pool earnings. A sudden failure in their cash flow can cause various problems ranging from eviction to discontinuation of services due to not being able to pay the bills in time.

An SA organization, SG Esports said that it had to take on loans to pay off its liabilities since it wasnt able to claim its prize money in time. Such loans are likely to have interest build-up over time, and players who have taken the same path might be required to pay back more than what they won during the last DPC season.

4D Esports wont be involved with the SA DPC this season as ESB will organize the regional leagues in 2023.

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