Control will return in second half of Apex season 13

We're counting down the days.

Apex Legends’ season 13 is kicking off on May 10, but one of the most anticipated features in Saviors won’t start until weeks after launch. The Control limited-time mode will return in the second half of season 13, according to game director Evan Nikolich.

Control will “get a bit of work” and “stay out of the limelight for the first half of the season,” Nikolich said. But it will return with a few tricks up its sleeve. The game mode will have join-in-progress for the first time, which was a common demand from fans during the mode’s short-lived stints on the servers.

This schedule would place Control back in the rotation somewhere around the six-week mark into the new season, assuming Saviors runs for Apex‘s usual three months. This means players can expect it somewhere in mid-to-late June, unless Respawn Entertainment changes the timeline. This will likely coincide with Apex’s midseason event, which also traditionally takes place around that same spot.

Control was first introduced in Apex season 12 as a limited-time mode. It stayed available for the first three weeks of Defiance, then rotated back in as part of the Warriors collection event in late March. Instead of the usual survival or the tactical Arenas gameplay, Control is about taking hold of objectives throughout the map to score kills, making it more Battlefield-esque than the other modes in rotation.

Another element that helps Control stand out is its team size. The nine-vs-nine game mode has three groups of three squads, following the same blueprint set out in Apex. This means each team can have a maximum of three of the same legend, one per squad.

While players wait for Control to return, Saviors offers plenty of new elements to explore, including the new legend Newcastle and the Storm Point map update.

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