Control and private matches are now live in Apex Legends alongside the Spellbound event

Are you looking to snag Seer's Heirloom?

Spellbound, Apex Legends’ latest collection event, is now live.

The event, which was announced last week, is bringing 24 new cosmetics for players to collect as well as a prize tracker with four free cosmetics. Those who collect all 24 of the paid cosmetics will receive Seer’s Heirloom, the Showstoppers. Fuse, Mirage, Seer, Mad Maggie, Vantage, Crypto, and Horizon were some of the recipients of new legendary skins, several of which also have matching weapon skins.

Spellbound is also bringing back Control, one of the community’s most-loved LTMs. Two teams of nine face off against each other in an effort to capture and hold three points scattered across one POI. The last time Control came back was during 2022’s Fight or Fright event in October. Players have begged developer Respawn Entertainment to make the mode permanent, but the dev team has said previously that they want to focus on battle royale rather than making any LTM permanent.

Respawn is using Spellbound to introduce one of the Apex community’s most-requested features: custom matches for all. Any player can now set up a private tournament lobby and distribute a join code to their friends or community. Respawn has confirmed that private matches require a minimum of 30 players to start a match, as was rumored and data-mined last week. These rumors led to disappointment for players who wanted to set up a private match for just themselves or a small group of friends.

A small number of balance changes to weapons were included in the Spellbound update. The G7 Scout and C.A.R. SMG are entering Replicators as craft-only weapons, while the Spitfire and Peacekeeper are being returned to floor loot. The Anvil Receiver and G7 Scout were both nerfed, while the Prowler and the Sentinel were buffed.

Spellbound is live now in Apex.

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