Consulate is getting a rework in Rainbow Six Siege Operation Dread Factor

The original map is finally getting an update.

Rainbow Six Siege players can expect a Consulate rework to arrive in Operation Dread Factor this month, significantly changing how the map plays and how players will approach each match.

Consulate is one of the original Siege maps that has been present throughout the games diverse history. But the map was in need of an update, and the rework is breathing life into the iconic battleground. 

The rework completely rebuilds the experience for players, according to a Ubisoft press release. All floors and sites are being changed to create a more balanced experience for both sides, and players will need to learn the new layout if they want to stay ahead of the competition. 

Players can expect changes to Attacker spawns to help negate Defenders peeking early for picks. There will now be more cover for players as they move toward the building, making it easier to reach objectives. 

The changes will also alter the meta surrounding the map, and players will need to adjust and learn the best ways to defend and attack each objective. This will result in exciting new scenarios as all players work to master the new map. 

Operation Dread Factor is introducing other exciting content to Siege alongside the Consulate rework, like the new Defender Fenrir, the new Aiming Lane in the Shooting Range, and the new permanent arcade playlist. The new Observation Blocker also adds a new option for blocking drones in the preparation phase, making it easier for Defenders to plan their strategy without prying eyes. 

Operation Dread Factor is set to go live on May 30. 

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