‘Completely on me’: Danny breaks silence on EG absence, what’s next in his LoL career

"I hope you'll stay along for the ride."

Breakout North American League of Legends star Kyle Danny Sakamaki has finally broken his silence on his departure from the Evil Geniuses lineup and revealed what his future looks like away from the rigors of the LCS.

Danny, still just 19, stepped away from the org’s top League squad ahead of the 2022 World Championship, citing a need to focus on [his] mental health.

While many expected the NA-born starlet to return to competitive play in L.A. after his temporary hiatus, the 19-year-old AD carry was instead removed from EG’s active roster in the 2023 trade window. Veteran Australian marksman Victor “FBI” Huang was signed as a bot lane replacement as the 2022 Spring champions reshuffled their roster heading into the new year.

At the time, rumors flew around the whole situation, with some claiming EG bosses had pushed Danny to step away and had even blocked him from taking up other LCS opportunitiesa suggestion the All-Pro ADC has now shot down.

“Hello all, ic [sic] there has been quite a lot of news out there and I want to tell you that it [his removal from the EG roster] is completely on me and accusations towards EG aren’t true,” the League star wrote in a tweet on Feb. 27.

According to the 19-year-old, the main reason he stepped away from professional League and the LCS system more permanently in the lead-up to the 2023 season was due to the mounting pressure of being an esports pro. “Evil Geniuses supported me all the way,” Danny added.

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