Collegiate VALORANT player sweeps opponents from hospital bed

The drive of a player is fierce.

Those participating in esports competitively often have to reorganize their schedules for matches and practices, which can be particularly daunting for those playing in school. Yet for one collegiate player, not even a trip to the hospital was enough to stop him from helping his team get a victory.

Nishil Shah, who plays VALORANT competitively as part of his colleges team, persevered through a medical emergency to participate in a scheduled match while laying in his hospital bed. The picture he posted to Twitter depicts him using the moveable food tray to instead hold his gaming laptop and mouse, with various hospital equipment around him and hooked up to him.

Speaking to Jake Lucky, Shah said that the team they were supposed to face did not want to reschedule despite Shahs hospitalization, forcing his team to seek alternative options for a way to play. Shah then told his team that he would participate in the game from his hospital bed, despite battling pancreatitis known to be debilitating physically and mentally.

Notably, he didnt even have a mousepadinstead, he said he was using his sisters laptop cover, which was rather bulky, to control his Agent and accurately aim at opponents. He also noted that he only had around 60 FPS and experienced massive pocket lag using the hospitals internet connection, but he still pulled off the sweeping victory.

Shah and his team ended up winning the match 2-0, not only adding to the victories for the team but providing a memory for Shah that will last a lifetime.

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