Coldzera nearly quit CS:GO for another game early in his career, TACO says

The world may not have witnessed one of the greatest CS players of all time.

At one time, coldzera was undoubtedly the best CS:GO player in the world after winning back-to-back Majors in 2016. But he would not have accomplished any of that if his friend and current teammate TACO did not convince him to commit to CS:GO back in the day.

TACO and coldzera were teammates in Dexterity in 2014 and 2015, and at some point during that time, coldzera had decided to leave CS:GO and try his luck in League of Legends.

“I remember one time when he decided to not play CS:GO anymore and he was playing League of Legends,” TACO said in an interview with ESL’s documentary Desistir Jamais. “He had a high rank [but] wasn’t great [in League]. I remember I convinced him on Steam, talking to him and saying ‘cold, you need to come back. Don’t do that, come back to our team, and let’s do good things together [in CS:GO].'”

TACO reunited with coldzera at the end of 2015, when he, fnx, and coach zews joined and helped the core of FalleN, fer, and coldzera win two Majors in 2016. The entry-fragger told ESL he knew that coldzera would eventually become one of the most feared players in CS:GO.

“I knew cold was a star, he was always one of the best, if not the best player in Brazil,” TACO said. “I’ve never lost faith in him, even when he had a bad performance I knew he was super good and he would become something else and that was what happened actually.”

TACO and coldzera have reunited again this year after playing separately since 2019. They are a part of 00 Nation and are one of the three Brazilian teams qualified for the $1.25 million IEM Rio Major.

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