Cold-blooded Warzone 2 devs ban several controversial attachments from ranked play

They saw that players were seeing what they weren't supposed to see.

A slew of scopes that had recently seen a surge in popularity in Warzone 2’s ranked play have all been banned from the game’s competitive mode, Treyarch announced today.

Six different thermal optics are now completely restricted and unable to be used in ranked play, including the SZ Holotherm, VX350 Thermal Optic, Teplo-op3 Scope, Thermo-Optic X9, Teplo Clear Shot, and Drexsom Prime-90.

“Given their unintended interaction with Cold-Blooded, the WZ Ranked Play teams observed that these attachments have too significant an impact on competitive play, especially late game, and have restricted them while we investigate further,” Treyarch said.

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Over the past couple of weeks, Warzone 2 players quickly noticed that the aforementioned scopes had the ability to see enemy players through smoke grenades, even if they were using the Cold-Blooded perk. This is an unintended bug, so the scopes have now been taken off the table completely.

“These optics attachments will appear unrestricted in custom loadouts menus but will be restricted in-game and show as restricted in loadouts once you’re in a match,” Treyarch said.

Players trying to use one of the above scopes in a Warzone 2 match instead are met with iron sights for the gun as of now. The news is likely to come as a disappointment to some players, but a welcome one to many others.

Warzone Ranked Play competitive settings are a multi-team effort to deliver competitive and fair matches,” Treyarch said. “Restrictions are updated based on data and feedback, and restricted items may return in an upcoming Season after undergoing balance changes.”

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The first season of Warzone 2’s ranked play will run until season four of Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2, which is likely to begin on June 14.

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