CoD players are already breaking Modern Warfare 2’s movement mechanics and it’s like something out of a horror movie

This seems way worse than slide canceling.

A group of Call of Duty players on PC is attempting to break Modern Warfare 2’s movement tech, and the ensuing videos posted on social media are just ridiculous.

In what the group is calling the “G-Walk,” players from a community called Euphoria Dream are seemingly able to go prone and stand back up without a slow animation in between. It’s even affecting the way they use the dive mechanic, allowing them to stand back up immediately. It’s kind of scary in the sense that this is definitely unintended.

The clips have been going viral on Twitter with CoD players everywhere trying to replicate the broken movement. It’s drawing eyes everywhere due to how silly it looks but also how potentially useful it can be in MW2 multiplayer or even Warzone 2.

In the clips, it appears like the players are testing the mechanic in an MW2 private match. It’s unclear if the movement translates to battle royale, but considering the games run on the same engine, it’s likely that it works in Warzone 2 as well.

Following the slide-canceling phenomenon that took over the original Warzone and has since been removed in a traditional sense in the new game, CoD players are looking for the latest movement techand this might be it. It looks like it might even be possible on controller as well.

The movement makes players much harder to hit, at least in the clips. Don’t be surprised if you get absolutely mowed down while trying to use these movements in online multiplayer games.

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