Cloud9 White roster to become free agents as a VALORANT dynasty comes to an end

The end of an era.

After their fourth-place finish at the Game Changers Championship in Berlin, all members of Cloud9 White are set to become free agents, multiple sources told Dot Esports on Dec. 9. 

The core of Cloud9 White has been together since September 2020 when they were known as MAJKL. The team got picked up by C9 in December of 2020, and ever since then they have been the team to beat in the North American Game Changers Scene. 

They won every single North American Game Changers Series since its inception, solidifying themselves as a favorite heading into the first international Game Changers event. The Game Changers Championship was held in Berlin, Germany, and lasted from Nov. 15-20. This event featured the best Game Changers teams from across the world and boasted a 500k prize pool.

Following an opening victory against KRÜ, Cloud9 White was sent to the lower bracket after a loss to G2 Gozen in the upper bracket semifinals. They faced an uphill battle, where they would have to win four consecutive matches to hoist the trophy. After the dispatching of Guild X, their opponent was their North American rival, Shopify Rebellion.

Historically, Cloud9 White had bested Shopify Rebellion, but on this day the tables turned. Shopify Rebellion eliminated Cloud9 White in a 2-1 series victory, sending Cloud9 White home in fourth place at the Game Changers Championship. 

Despite being on top for the past two years, Cloud9 Whites reign has come to a close, at least under the C9 banner. It is unclear where the members will end up as of the time of writing. 

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