Cloud9 to search for new VALORANT in-game leader just weeks before VCT Americas league

Another change made.

North American organization Cloud9 is expected to replace in-game leader Vanity on the VALORANT roster, according to a report by journalist Max Katz and confirmed by sources close to Dot Esports. 

The move comes just days after Cloud9 released superstar yay from the organization. 

Despite Vanitys teammates on Cloud9 expressing their desire to have him stay on the team, Cloud9 followed through with the move, according to sources. The organization has practiced with former Soniqs in-game leader Runi, as reported by Dot Esports on March 4. 

Over the past few days, Cloud9 had practiced with two teams to find a replacement for yay. The organization has continued to trial multiple players from the semi-professional level. The team has a few weeks to find two new players prior to the start of the Americas international league on April 1. 

Cloud9 remains unwilling to pay large buyouts for players signed to organizations, as reported by Dot Esports. Many teams would also be unwilling to sell during the Challengers season. 

Vanity is one of the longest-standing members of Cloud9. He joined the team following his stint with Version1 in August 2021. Cloud9 have remained one of the best teams in North America since he took over the reins.

At VCT LOCK//IN, Cloud9 was sent home by eventual top-four finishers DRX on Feb. 18. The team managed to take down Paper Rex in the opening matchup. 

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