Cloud9 to finalize VALORANT roster with collegiate player and former Soniqs IGL

Replacements have been found.

North American organization Cloud9 is set to acquire two new players to complete its VALORANT roster, multiple sources told Dot Esports. 

With former players vanity and yay departing the roster, C9 is in the final stages of acquiring Jake Anderson and Dylan runi Cade for its VALORANT team. C9 is set to compete in the Americas international league, which will begin in a few weeks. 

Former Soniqs player runi will likely take up the in-game leader mantle on the team. He competed with Soniqs from April 2022 to January earlier this year. Jake, however, has competed in collegiate VALORANT since the start of the year. 

Jake attempted to qualify for the Challengers league in January with NSIC, which boasted a roster including the likes of Lucas fiziq Blow and Chad Oderus Miller. NSIC failed to qualify for the league following a defeat to Team Major Academy in the first round of the lower bracket. 

Fans of C9 will likely have high expectations for the pair, considering the two players that they are set to replace. Former in-game leader vanity had a tenured history with the organization and transformed the team into one of the best in the region. 

Yay, on the other hand, was known as the best player in the world last year. He played seven matches with C9 before he parted ways with the organization. Both players remain teamless prior to the start of the league. 

C9 are set to face off against Evil Geniuses in their first match in the Americas international league on April 3.

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