Cloud9 stun FaZe in ESL Pro League Season 16 quarterfinals

The Grand Slam was in their reach.

FaZes hopes of achieving the grand slam have been squashed after the CIS Cloud 9 roster pulled the rug out from under them.

Counter-Strikes ESL Pro League Season 16 has had a series of upsets. However, with one of the main title contenders now out of the tournament, it leaves the trophy up for grabs with more teams in reach.

Cloud 9 took down the international powerhouse 2-1, with the first map not going Dmitry sh1ro Sokolovs and the squad’s way. Inferno (13-16) was a tough start for Cloud 9, with Russel Twistzz Van Dulken breaking through their CT side with ease, leading to the event loss from the FaZe roster.

Ancient (16-8) was another story entirely. Cloud 9 came out swinging, with ​Sergey Ax1Le Rykhtorov leading the charge to bring down the international titans. Unfortunately for FaZe, their T-side attacks were lackluster, leaving Cloud 9 to rely on their solid aim and teamwork to get the job done. 

The last map, Mirage (16-11), was a closer endeavor for the FaZe roster. However, Abay HObbit Khasenov picked up his game to help the Cloud 9 roster win the T-side half (9-6). All that was left was a solid defense from the rest of the squad to take the victory. 

Cloud 9 now progresses to the semifinals to take on Team Liquid after the North American team’s successful bout against MOUZ.

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