Cloud9 duo on how players can level up the LCS in 2023

The players agreed on one thing.

With all the fuss about the state of the LCS ahead of the 2023 season, two Cloud9 players chimed in on the discussion.

Fudge and Zven, C9’s top laner and support, respectively, added their two cents on the topic in a Jan. 11’s interview with Travis Gafford. In their eyes, the players and everyone involved in the LCS should engage in activities that contribute to making the competition more exciting.

“It’s time for a lot of people to do more effort into, you know, making the LCS more attractive to fans and to viewers,” Zven said.

At the same time, he admitted he himself hasn’t been participating in any personal brand-building activities that would lead to fans following him in the LCS, like tweeting and streaming. But he claimed he has been doing his part by staying competitive and playing the games on the broadcast.

Fudge somewhat agreed with his teammate. “I feel a little bit guilty cause I do feel like I should be like streaming and trying to build my brand way more, but I’m kinda lazy to be honest,” he said. Similar to Zven, Fudge pointed out he’s trying to focus on his gameplay to make the LCS games as entertaining and high-level as possible.

Fudge acknowledged that there are multiple things he could do to build his own brand and elevate the LCS. “A lot of players just simply don’t care. And I care, but I don’t care enough… to which I need to, to actually help the league,” he said. He also agreed with the statement that players are lazy in terms of personal brand-building, which hurts the LCS.

On the other hand, Zven revealed he doesn’t enjoy spending time on social media, with the tone on the platforms being just “fucking bad.” He tends not to use it frequently, but he knows being active on social media, interacting with fans, and building his own brand would be beneficial for him personally, for C9 as an org, and for the LCS.

The 2023 LCS Spring Split begins on Jan. 26.

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