CLG shuts down Evil Geniuses’ bid at perfect LCS Super Week with electric Zeri-Yuumi combo

The Spark of Zaun and Magical Cat made Summoner's Rift their playground.

CLG has been struggling to really find their footing in the 2022 LCS Spring Split before this weekend, but the org’s League of Legends roster has finally found a ledge to stand on after an important victory against a surging Evil Geniuses squad.

In the draft, Thinkcard was able to scoop the Zeri-Yuumi picks for CLG’s young bottom lane. AD carry Luger has been one of the team’s best this season and Zeri has been a tough matchup for many compositions. Combined with Yuumi’s heals and speed buffs, Zeri can be untouchable in the later stages of a game.

On the other side of the Summoner’s Rift, EG drafted Ryze and Nautilus as their main sources of crowd control for CLG’s mobile comp. Unfortunately for Jojopyun and company, they couldn’t shut down Zeri’s weak early game and had to deal with her constant damage as the game crested 25 minutes.

Although EG was able to catch Zeri once top side with a well-placed Nautilus hook, CLG’s lead was enough to handle late-game skirmishes. Luger ended with a server-leading eight kills and seven assists, while Contractz’s Viego had six kills and five assists.

After this win, CLG finishes the first half of the season with a modest two-game winning streak. They’re still near the bottom of the standings with a 3-6 record, but winning against both TSM and EG should give them plenty of momentum and confidence as they try to pull together a meaningful streak in the second half of Spring.

EG, meanwhile, must regather and adjust plans. The team was considered a top contender for the LCS championship with their collection of prospects and veteran stars, but have now lost three of their last five matches.

Catch both teams in action again when the LCS returns on Saturday, March 5.

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