CLG secure first 3-0 start to an LCS campaign since Summer 2017 after strong opening weekend

One member of the team helped them achieve this both times.

By shutting down Golden Guardians lead in the third day of the 2022 LCS Summer Split, CLG has successfully tied their own record for the best start the organization has had to a League of Legends split.

CLG joins Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid as the only LCS teams to successfully go undefeated throughout the entire opening weekend of the Summer Split.

The last time the organization was able to accomplish a 30 start to a campaign was in Summer 2017 when League matches in North America were still best-of-threes and the major region was known as the NA LCS.

From day one of Summer, CLG seemed intent on ensuring they did not repeat what led to their eighth-place finish in Spring. Palafox, constantly overshadowed by other big names like Bjergsen and Jensen, emerged as the teams focal point, becoming the center of the teams climb back from deficits and source of immense burst damage.

CLG also welcomed Dhokla and Stixxay to their main roster this split, with both promoted from Academy. These two veteran playersno strangers to the LCS, of courseseem to have reinvigorated the teams morale, leading to a synergy within CLG the team has not showcased in some time.

The team now sits in equal first place in their 2022 Summer campaign.

CLGs Summer 2017 roster was made up of players like Darshan, Dardoch, and Aphromoo. Stixxay is able to call himself a valuable member of these two historic moments for the org; he helped the team achieve both roaring starts.

Next weekend, one less team will be able to contest first place.

While Liquid avoids facing CLG, for now at least, reigning champs Evil Geniuses will play CLG on Sunday, creating a situation where only two teams may sit atop the standings.

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