CLG doubles down on Smash Melee, adds Magi to world-class roster

Falco joins Fox on one of Smash's top rosters.

While some areas of the Super Smash Bros. scene might be seeing some cutbacks, CLG is forging ahead with its support of Melee by signing a second top player to its active rosterSasha “Magi” Sullivan.

Having spent almost two years with beastcoast, Magi announced her move to CLG earlier today, joining the expanding lineup of FGC players representing the org.

Melees self-proclaimed pretties Falco is currently ranked as the 25h best player in the world. She typically finishes in the top 24 at Major events, with highs that have taken her all the way into the top eight on a number of occasions. 

With this move, Magi is looking to take her performance to the next level both in Melee and outside of the game, with CLGs support team playing a major role in this decision. 

Im a very not disciplined person when it comes to a lot of the things outside of the game, Magi said. Im really looking forward to CLG pushing that part of [my growth.] Its more accurate to just say that I want to be the best player I can be. But an answer that has more grounding, in reality, is that I would like to be the best player in the world. 

After looking a little barren to start the year, CLG has now retooled its Smash lineup to feature two top Melee players, as Magis signing comes just six weeks after the team signed fourth-ranked Cody Schwab.

This also expands CLG Red, CLGs esports division geared toward providing and growing a space for women in competitive scenes, into Smash for the first time.

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