Clear’s choice to join Disguised Toast’s VALORANT team pays off with NA Challengers berth

When 'betting on yourself' goes right.

Streaming star Disguised Toast’s VALORANT team, Disguised, are headed to the NA VALORANT Challengers League, providing a quick payoff for Joseph “clear” Allen, who opted to bet on himself and his new team.

Disguised Toast, who has been co-streaming all his team’s matches during their successful debut in the Challengers open qualifier, heaped praise on clear after a spectacular 4K in the pistol round during the team’s qualifying series against Oxygen. He also revealed that clear chose Disguised over an interested “tier-one” organization.

“Clear chose to join DSG,” Toast said. “A tier-one [organization] was interested in clear, but he said he was committed to playing with DSG.”

While the identity of the interested organization is unknown, it’s not the first time that Disguised Toast has had to contend with bigger teams over players. Before the OfflineTV member officially revealed the roster, he said on stream back in December that he had his first team owner experience” when another organization swooped in and signed a player his team was trialing, after trailing against that org in particular.

Many fans speculated that aspiring pro player Demon1 was the trialed player and that the organization in question was Evil Geniuses, with a deal reportedly in the works. Several fans are again guessing that EG was the party interested in clear, as the organization has said their plan is to field a full 10-man roster for VCT 2023.

Clear stuck with Disguised in the end, and it appears to have paid off for both sides. Clear’s best overall performances with Disguised so far came in their final two decisive series, where he averaged an ACS of over 266 and a K/D differential of +7.75 across four maps versus NSIC and Oxygen.

Disguised will join the field of NA Challengers teams when the first split of the year kicks off on Feb. 1.

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