Classic pro League champions Thresh, Lee Sin to be buffed just in time for Worlds 2022

Some old favorites are getting a boost right before the year's biggest event.

Riot Games has revealed the patch preview for League of Legends Patch 12.18, which is the patch that this years League World Championship will be played on. In the patch, 12 champions are set to receive balance updates, with four receiving direct buffs.

Perhaps the most notable champion to receive a targeted buff in Patch 12.18 is Ashe, who will have her capabilities as an ADC buffed before Worlds. In recent weeks, Ashe has been seeing play at the support position more so than she has as a marksman. In major regions, 57 percent of her total picks this Summer Split have come as a support, according to League stats site Games of Legends

Two old reliable champions in Lee Sin and Thresh are also being buffed ahead of Worlds. Although there have been stronger alternative picks in pro play at their respective positions of jungle and support this split, Lee Sin and Thresh remain stalwart picks for pro players at those positions, considering their historic popularity.

Should they receive substantial buffs ahead of Worlds, Thresh and Lee Sin should be relatively viable picks in the hands of pro players who have, no doubt, used them to some degree. 

The only other champion to receive a direct buff will be Nasus, who has been a non-factor in professional play for several years. 

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Two champions will receive adjustments in the patch: Maokai and Udyr.

Maokais adjustments will focus on the champions ability to perform well as a jungler, while Udrys will look to reshape his build path. Its unclear at this time whether these adjustments will ultimately hurt or help these two champions and the potential impact they could have on the Worlds meta. 

Patch 12.18 is set to go live on League servers on Sept. 21, according to the games official patch schedule. Worlds 2022 will begin with the Play-In stage on Sept. 29. 

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