CLASIA removed from Evil Geniuses due to ‘attitude issues’

The young player has had to step down.

Evil Geniuses has benched Anthony “CLASIA” Kearney from EG.CA after the CS:GO player was reportedly made inactive to due to “lingering attitude issues that weren’t being handled in a way the team was happy with,” according to

The 18-year-old player confirmed the report in a post on Twitter today. “I’ve been removed from EG and severely disappointed in myself. I know I am better than what I showed to my teammates and everyone,” CLASIA said.

CLASIA had been playing under EG’s banner since June 2022 when the org signed Capre Diem and Party Astronauts as a part of the Blueprint Project. With a 15-man lineup, EG plans to field different rosters in multiple tournaments, making sure its players won’t experience burnout.

It looks like EG has already found a replacement for CLASIA in Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz. According to a report on July 28, the Canadian is said to be returning to the North American team soon.

This isn’t the only change in EG’s ranks this off-season either. On July 28, Stewie2k announced he was retiring from professional CS:GO to focus on streaming and content creation.

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