Clash of Clans adds huge social feature called Clan Capital allowing Clans to build a base in the sky

Upgrade your capital and attack others to progress faster.

Clash of Clans latest update is now live and it has added Clan Capitals to the game. The new feature allows members of clans to build a Capital in the sky and attack other Clan Capitals to earn rewards.

All members of the Clan can contribute to the Clan Capital by earning Capital Gold to upgrade buildings and defenses.

Players can upgrade their Clan Capital week and can attack other Capitals on the weekends. The damage done by an ally is reflected for all members of the Clan so they can take over the opposing Capital together. Players will attack a Clan Capital one district at a time, with each Capital having six districts, namely Capital Peak, Barbarian Camp, Wizard Valley, Balloon Lagoon, Builders Workshop, Dragon Cliffs, and Golem Quarry.

Attacking a rival Clan Capital is very rewarding. Based on the success of an attack, players will be able to progress their Clan Capital, Home Village, and Builder Base. A detailed description of the new feature can be found on the official Clash of Clans website.

The Clan Capital will be available for all Clans that are level two or higher. Individual players villages must be Town Hall level six or higher to enter the Capital.

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