CIS Rejects will rebrand for upcoming Dota Pro Circuit Tour following multiple departures

A majority of the roster has left, leaving just the team slot in the upcoming DPC Tour.

Yesterday, two of the four remaining active players on CIS Rejects individually announced that they were looking for teams to compete with in the upcoming Dota Pro Circuit Tour, with the teams manager Gleb “cenra” Antokhin later confirming that a reshuffle was in the works. 

Cenra noted in a post to Telegram that this happened for a number of reasons, and he was unwilling to talk about why the team decided to split up, though one of the now former players did reveal at least part of their reasoning. 

According to fng, the veteran player who joined Rejects when the team was formed, there was a mix of internal baggage that led to disagreements on how the team should continue to exist.

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Previously, fng backed up rumors that would look to sign RAMZES to its roster in place of the recently dropped Ivan Pure Moskalenko, who was released following controversial actions during the regions DPC Regional Playoffs. However, he didnt comment on any other players situation, saying that he didnt want to talk about internal business much and what others did was up to them. 

Meanwhile, cenra confirmed that he will continue managing Rejects and Gleb “depressed kid” Zyryanov is going to be the focal point of the new roster, which will also undergo a rebranding before the next DPC Tour begins. 

I will take care of all the organizational aspects of assembling the lineup. I will do it around depressed kid, because I see a lot of potential in him, cenra said via Cybersport. The CIS Rejects tag will look different. Wait for the updated lineup, I will have time to do everything before roster lock.

Both fng and RodjER publicly announced that they were looking for a team yesterday, but the official DPC registration page shows that only depressed kid is registered to the Rejects’ roster as of now. RAMZES and Matvey “MieRo” Vasyunin have shared no information about their own futures, regardless of rumors. 

Roster lock for the upcoming DPC Summer Tour is set for May 29, and the deadline for removing players from a roster is May 24. It appears that the new iteration of Rejects will retain the previous roster’s spot in Division I of the next Tour.

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