Chime empowers ally in hand, Legends of Runeterra paving path for Bard

This sets the stage for the expansion's third champion.

Chime Byrd, the Bellringer Esmus, Breath of the World Mystic Vortex Proximity Puffcap

The path toward Bard getting revealed as the next Legends of Runeterra champion in the upcoming Worldwalker expansion was laid out today by Riot Games with the introduction of Chimes to the digital card game. 

Scheduled to release on May 25, the LoR Worldwalker expansion will include four new champions that break region rules. Jhin and Illaoi have already been previewed, leaving Bard and likely Annie. Bard was confirmed today with the reveal of Chime, a token generated that has the keyword Boon and grants a random ally in hand +1/+1.

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