Chibi Kai’Sa joins TFT Little Legend roster in latest PBE update

A Lagoon Dragon variant was also revealed to celebrate the addition of the new Lagoon trait.

Another League of Legends champion is set to join the Teamfight Tactics roster in chibi form. A chibi Little Legend of KaiSa is on deck to be added into TFT in a future build, and her design was revealed on the League PBE earlier today. League content creator SkinSpotlights posted a full view of Chibi Kai’sa to their Twitter feed earlier today.

KaiSa joins Ekko, Jinx, Vi, and Yasuo as the only other League champions to have chibi versions of themselves in TFT. A chibi version of Lee Sin is scheduled to join the roster tomorrow with the launch of TFTs mid-set update, Dragonlands: Uncharted Realms

Chibi Little Legends are unique in that they can only be purchased via the in-client store. Chibi eggs cannot be unlocked via Hextech Crafting or any other means besides direct purchases. 

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In addition to a chibi version of Kai’Sa’s base skin, an additional Chibi KaiSa variant that features the coloration from her Lagoon Dragon skin in League of Legends was also shown off. Kai’Sa’s Lagoon Dragon skin fits in perfectly with the games 7.5 update, as a new trait, Lagoon, has been added with the Uncharted Realms update

Two other non-chibi Little Legends have also been added to the PBE, including a new Hauntling that takes on the form of a dragon. The new Little Legends also use the green-black color scheme of the League universes Ruination theme. 

TFTs mid-set update, Uncharted Realms, is set to launch tomorrow with the arrival of Patch 12.17. It is currently unclear when the Little Legends that were revealed today would hit live servers, but it is possible they could come with the release of Patch 12.18 on Sept. 21. 

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