ChatGPT thinks Faker’s ‘God Fist’ play in League is his best ever—but it never happened

At least the highlight ChatGPT thought of looks cool.

There are several incredible plays we could rank as the best in Faker’s legendary career in League of Legends esports. When consulting ChatGPT, however, the artificial intelligence named a play that the G.O.A.T has never done.

The play ChatGPT thought of is one that Faker supposedly made in 2013 against Fnatic’s mid laner back then xPeke, but they never faced each other in the tournament ChatGPT used as a reference.

“One of the most iconic and widely considered ‘best’ plays by professional League of Legends player Faker is his ‘God Fist’ play,” ChatGPT said. “The play occurred in the 2013 World Championship quarterfinals match between SK Telecom T1 and the European team Fnatic. In the play, Faker, playing as the mid laner, was able to outplay Fnatic’s mid laner xPeke in a one-versus-one fight, resulting in a double kill for Faker and his team. This play was significant as it showcased Faker’s incredible mechanical skills and decision-making abilities, and helped secure the win for his team in the match.”

The play ChatGPT mentioned sounds like something Faker has the skill to pull off, but unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. T1 did win the 2013 League World Championship, but Faker and his teammates never played against Fnatic. T1, instead, beat Oh My God, Lemondogs, TSM, and in the group stage, and proceeded to take down Gamania Bears, NaJin Black Sword, and Royal Club in the playoffs.

Fnatic, on the other hand, finished the group stage with a 7-1 record like T1 after they beat Gambit, Samsung Ozone, Team Vulcun, and Mineski. The European squad that featured xPeke won against Cloud9 in the quarterfinals, but lost to Royal Club in the semifinals.

While it’s unfortunate that ChatGPT couldn’t provide an accurate answer to us, it’s not the end of the world. You can still relive the best plays Faker has ever done here.

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