Chamber to be hit with further nerfs, Fade and Cypher to undergo changes in VALORANT

More tweaks are planned.

Several of the newest agents in VALORANT will be hit with changes in the future, developer Riot Games announced today. 

Riot revealed in the latest State of the Agents blog post that Chamber will undergo nerfs because he is too powerful, according to the developers. Meanwhile, other agents like Fade will be tweaked in the future while Cypher could be updated. 

Chamber has been one of the most popular agents in ranked and professional play with his ability to hold the flank and easily teleport away from any danger. He was hit with several nerfs in Patch 5.03, where his Trademark, Rendezvous, Tour De Force, and Headhunter were nerfed. 

Chamber will undergo further nerfs in the future since he is still dominating professional play. Chamber was named the most popular agent at VALORANT Champions, which began on Aug. 31, according to

Fade is the second most popular agent at Champions with a 53.85 percent pick rate. Because shes had an overwhelming presence since being introduced to the game, Riot could hit her with some nerfs. Riot said Fade has overperformed in some areas of the initiator role and her kit will be tuned in the future. 

Cypher, on the other hand, has one of the lowest pick rates at Champions at 6.92 percent, the lowest of all sentinels. He could face changes in the future but Riot did not provide details. Were looking closely at Cypher to figure out what updates he might need to find his proper spot on the Sentinel roster, Riot said. 

Previous changes to agents such as Phoenix have also been a success with the duelists win percentage increasing in ranked, Riot said. 

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