Chamber nerfs are now live on VALORANT PBE

The most powerful Agent is getting brought down a peg.

Nerfs to Chambers Tour De Force, Headhunter, Trademark and more are now live on the VALORANT public beta environment.

Players have been calling for Chamber nerfs since he was released in November of last year, and some of those nerfs will be coming to the main client sometime soon. Recent changes to Chambers kit tweaked his abilities and removed one of his two Trademarks, but these changes were not enough to bring his value down to the level of other agents. The upcoming nerf will change the way Chamber is played and force players into different situations than what they are used to.

Chambers teleport ability, Rendezvous, will have an increased cooldown time on both the base and recall. Originally, the Rendezvous had a 20 second cooldown, but that has now been increased to 30 seconds, leaving a longer gap between when the teleport is placed and when it is available to be placed again. The radius size of Chambers teleport has also been shrunk from 21 meters to 15, making the distance he can teleport much shorter.

Chambers Trademark is a great way to catch enemies on the flank or when they are entering onto a site. When activated, the Trademark shoots out a slow, but the nerfs have also made this ability a bit less dominant. The slow duration for Chambers Trademark has been decreased from 9.5 seconds to just six.

Additionally, Chambers ultimate, Tour De Force, will be receiving some adjustments as well. Instead of reducing the number of bullets the ultimate has, Chambers ultimate will now require eight points instead of seven. Like his Trademark, Chambers Tour De Force slows will also be receiving the same duration decrease from 9.5 to six seconds. Finally, Chambers Headhunter bullets will now cost 150 credits instead of the original 100, making it slightly more expensive per bullet than a Sheriff.

Players can test out these Chamber nerfs on the PBE now before they hit the main servers in the near future.

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