Chamber has a massive impact on round conversion in NA VCT play

Without Chamber, the top four teams in NA lose a majority of rounds.

Chambers competing in the VALORANT Champions Tour can often be the determining factor as to whether their teams will win rounds, according to statistics from willminder on Twitter. 

The VCT Challengers Two playoffs are coming to a close in North America, where two teams will walk away with a spot at Masters Copenhagen next month. Since hitting VALORANT servers, Chamber has had a big impact on the competitive scene. With only four teams remaining in Challengers Two, willminder took the time to determine how reliant the teams are on their Chamber players. 

OpTic Gaming lose 64.7 percent of the rounds where Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker dies first, XSET lose 64.9 percent of the rounds where Matthew “Cryocells” Panganiban dies first, NRG lose 77.3 percent of rounds when Ian “tex” Botsch dies first, and FaZe Clan lose 87.5 percent of rounds when Quan “dicey” Tran dies first, according to willminder. The data showcases how impactful Chamber players can be to their teams, especially when they are eliminated from the round early. 

For teams that dont play Chamber as often, like 100 Thieves, who are no longer in contention for Masters Copenhagen, it is easy to see how a lack of a Chamber can hurt team compositionsespecially when the top four teams in North America rely so heavily on their Chambers being alive for a majority of the rounds. These statistics were pulled from recent Challengers Two matches that willminder also brought into consideration on Twitter. The breakdown for each teams lost rounds when their Chamber dies first looks like this: 

  • OpTic Gaming (22/34)
  • XSET (24/37)
  • FaZe Clan (35/40)
  • NRG (34/44)
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