Ceb, N0tail have very different outlooks on their competitive Dota 2 futures after Old G fallout

Responsibilities pile up.

Two-time TI-winning OGs highly anticipated return, in the form of Old G, ended in disappointment as the team failed to qualify for the second division of the 2023 Dota Pro Circuit. The duo spoke about their surprising elimination on the Monkey Business podcast.

While n0tail expressed his reluctance to return to the grueling grind of competitive Dota 2, Ceb wasn’t on the same page as the legendary captain.

Despite enjoying Dota 2, n0tail had doubts about sacrificing everything to get where he was once again. Considering the Dane already conquered the Dota 2 world twice, there looks to be an understandable lack of drive when it comes to playing the game on the highest level. Before forming Old G, n0tail mentioned that he didn’t feel like he was being summoned by the Dota gods yet in an interview with Dot Esports.

The two didn’t talk precisely about Old Gs future, but n0tails statements indicated that he was stepping down from the roster as Ceb retained his interest to continue playing competitively.

Alongside Topson, Cebs one of the most active members of the glorious OG squad. The Frenchman still plays with the most fierce competitors in ranked matches, saying he wouldn’t mind continuing to play in a more structured environment, hinting he could continue playing competitively.

Ceb also made it clear that there were too many things that he had to do, but he was half-doing them due to his commitment to Dota 2, so he also found himself at a crossroads while making his decision.

With n0tail out of the picture in Old G and Cebs ever-burning competitive spirit, the future remains a mystery for the team. If Topson shares mutual feelings with Ceb, the two can try to qualify for the second division one more time or entertain potential offers from other active rosters.

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