Ceb is re-defining the Dota 2 ranked meta by dominating on one signature OG hero

The veteran star is still going strong.

Old G, the team comprised of OG legends Topson, n0tail, and Ceb, might have faltered before their season had a chance to take off, but that doesnt mean the players arent popping off.

Gaimin Gladiators mid laner Quinn named Topson as the best player in the scene three times over, and it turns out Ceb is wreaking havoc in ranked matches on one of their former OG rosters signature heroes, Io.

Ceb has played 16 matches on Io in the past eight days, and hes won every single one of themmaking it his most successful hero by far right now. Nothing else comes close, not even Windranger, surprisingly. He plays Io as a support, purchasing items like Magic Wand, Bracker, Holy Locket, Mekansm, Medallion of Courage, Solar Crest, Drum of Endurance, and occasionally, Guardian Greaves and Glimmer Cape.

There was one Dota 2 battle, however, where he tapped into his inner Ana and played it as more of a core. He added Heart of Tarrasque and Desolator added into the mix, making it tankier while hitting like a freight train.

Ceb hasnt played professionally since Old G failed to qualify for the 2023 Dota Pro Circuit in December. It remains to be seen whether theyll give it another crack in the Spring Tour, or let it be.

The Dota legend’s spark is still going strong though, as evidenced by his dominance in pubs, so perhaps the veteran isnt done yet despite retiring several times.

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