CDL’s most-hated map is officially out, to be replaced by MW2’s newest addition

Hello, Himmelmatt Expo.

Goodbye and good riddance, Al Bagra Fortress. The Call of Duty League and its players have voted to replace the most-disliked map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s pool with Season Two Reloaded’s Himmelmatt Expo, the league announced.

On March 28, CDL Intel reported that the majority of the league’s 12 teams had voted to continue playing Control on Al Bagra Fortress, much to the chagrin of the vast majority of the CoD community, who are united in their dislike of the map and mode combo.

Just hours later, though, CDL Challengers players were notified that Himmelmatt was in and Fortress was out. The CDL made the news official for the league not long afterward, and the CoD esports community came together to celebrate in the Twitter replies.

Amid the replies of “W” and happy gifs, some questioned the decision to add Himmelmatt Expo, which also hasn’t been received too well specifically as a Control map. Many are looking at it as the lesser of two evils thanks though, which shows how much of a distaste there was for Control on Al Bagra Fortress.

If there are any Al Bagra Fortress fans left out there, they can still look forward to the map as it’s not completely leaving the CDL map pool. It’s still an option to be played on the Search and Destroy and Hardpoint modes.

There isn’t too much time left for CDL teams to get to know Himmelmatt Expo if they’ve declined to scrimmage on it over the past couple of weeks. CDL action begins again in just two days.

The CDL returns after its two-week hiatus with Boston Breach vs. Vegas Legion on March 31 at 2pm CT when Major IV qualifiers begin.

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