Cat’s out of the bag: Riot to make Yuumi less unbearable with upcoming rework in League

More counterplay is in the cards, but she's keeping her untargetablility.

Across the globe, there probably isnt a League of Legends player who doesnt despise Yuumi for one reason or the other, including untargetability, overwhelmingly strong shielding and healing, or strong poke and engage. Thankfully, Riot devs are reworking Yuumi with the goal of giving the enemy team more counterplay.

In a recent blog post, Riot Games unveiled exactly how the design team is planning to rework Yuumi. Despite the team still being in the early stages of the rework, they are planning on putting “greater emphasis on how Yuumi can aid her allies earlier in the game by trading her damage and crowd control for more early power and defense.”

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Riot still wants Yuumi to be an easy-to-learn champion that new players will pick up when they are learning the ins and outs of the game. For that reason, the champion will be keeping her core mechanic: untargetability. Although this mechanic will still be core to Yuumi, the company is planning to find and emphasize a mechanic that will give the enemy team some counterplay. 

The design team is still in the early stages of Yuumis rework, so fans should probably expect her rework to hit the live servers at some point in 2023. Riot wants to see this magical cat in a stable spot, with clear strengths and weaknesses, while still maintaining her core gameplay.

Despite the community understanding that Yuumi is supposed to be a noob-friendly champion, this champ, especially when played to its fullest potential like in pro play, seemingly has no flaws and cant be punished as easily as other enchanters. So this rework should finally help you shut Yuumi down despite her sitting on a fed Hecarim while also giving all Yummi mains an opportunity to express their magical skill and knowledge even more. 

Riot said League fans should expect to learn more about the Yuumi rework next year.

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