Carlos Rodríguez promises comeback if he wins Esports Award

A bold statement.

Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez wants to make comeback in esports if he wins at the Esports Awards later this year.

The former G2 Esports CEO has been nominated for the Esports Personality of the Year, and on Twitter, he said if he “happens to win this” he “promises a comeback.”

Ocelote stepped down from G2 as CEO after posting a video celebrating with renowned misogynist Andrew Tate. Initially, the 32-year-old defended his actions, claiming he parties “with whoever the fuck he wants.”

That event had consequences for both ocelote and G2. The former has been suspended by Riot Games and has been issued a list of requirements he needs to fulfill if he ever wants to return to the developer’s esports ecosystem.

G2 also faced repercussions. The organization was denied a spot in the North American VCT 2023 franchising league and was replaced by Cloud9.

Not much is known about ocelote’s plans for the future. The former CEO has kept relatively quiet on social media since stepping down. It remains to be seen if he will make a comeback and if esports fans will see him again.

The Esports Awards is scheduled for Dec. 13, 2022. The event will take place in Las Vegas at Resorts World.

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