CaptainFlowers points out the ‘elephant in the room’ of Skarner’s upcoming revamp in League

Riot might have to make some greater changes to the champion's lore.

Riot Games recently revealed more details around the Crystal Vanguard’s much-anticipated visual and gameplay update – and popular LCS broadcast member Clayton “CaptainFlowers” Raines, arguably the biggest Skarner enthusiast in the world, brought up a key detail that the developers will need to address as they revamp the lore behind his favorite scorpion.

CaptainFlowers is known by many League of Legends fans for his incredible skills as a play-by-play shoutcaster and a love for wacky antics, but the 32-year-old also has a keen eye for detail when it comes to lore.

The issue stems from the relationship between the Brackern and Hextech, since Hextech tools and weapons are powered by rare crystals that can only be found within the Brackern. This means that any characters using Hextech wield technology that was made by killing multiple different Brackern in Runeterra. This casts a dark shadow over them and raises the question whether they are meant to be a hero or a villain.

“The Brackern existing are a problem so long as Riot wants Piltover and Arcane to continue to be a story that is not plagued with whispers of genocide,” CaptainFlowers said. “If your popular, happy-go-lucky popstar champions and your heroes from your show are using a technology that are ripped from the souls of sentient beings, you’re a dick.”

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As a result, CaptainFlowers believes that Riot will rework the idea of Hextech and the Brackern. There is a possibility that the developers completely disconnect the two story aspects, so that people don’t need to kill more Brackern for the crystals within. There could also be a lore change with the Brackern themselves, and how their souls are directly attached to the crystal.

Overall, Skarner’s upcoming update will cover much more than his own lore, since his existence affects multiple other regions and characters in League‘s universe.

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