Capcom reveals Street Fighter 6 gameplay, features new ‘immersive single-player’ mode

A new character, colorful gameplay, and even more news about a game that is looking to reimagine Street Fighter.

Capcom has finally showed off some actual gameplay for Street Fighter 6, with players getting their first look at what is going to be an entirely new iteration for the franchise and will reimagine the fighting game genre, according to the developers. 

Not only did players get to see some of the gameplay, Chun-Li making her appearance, and a new character named Jaime, we also got confirmation the game is still planned to launch in 2023 and will include two brand new fighting game modes to pair with the classic Street Fighter gameplay. 

The biggest surprise was World Tour, a new, immersive single-player story experience that showed players actually hitting the streets of various locations, namely Metro City, and traversing them outside of combat. This includes talking to NPCs, getting into fights, and destructible environments. 

Screengrab via Capcom

The other new mode is called Battle Hub, which will will further expand the scope of player communication and engagement, making it sound like Capcom is overhauling its online systems and looking to make Street Fighter more than just a place where players will pop on just play one style of match.

With the brief glimpse of both new modes, it looks like players might be making their own fighter rather than simply playing as Luke or another established character.

Screengrab via Capcom

In the Fighting Grounds section of the trailer, players got to see what actual gameplay for the core fighting element of the game looks like, which includes many classic elements of the Street Fighter series combined with colorful new visuals that pull from what fans saw in the original teaser trailer. 

The paint or splatter effects appear to be tied to specific inputs like parries, counters, and other elements that might stunt gameplay such as big hits to break an opponents combo. And, while we dont know everything about the flashy nature of this new visual, it does add a flair SFV was significantly lacking, roughly looking like it took inspiration from the previous game and SFIVs more paint-like style. 

Screengrab via Capcom Screengrab via Capcom Screengrab via Capcom Screengrab via Capcom

A second trailer was also uploaded on Capcoms YouTube channel, revealing SF6 will feature a real-time commentary system that will include dynamic feedback. The commentary will be provided by actual fighting game casters such as Jeremey Vicious Lopez in English and Aru in Japanese, with subtitles supported for 13 languages too. 

“We’re working with well-known talent from the fighting game community to incorporate their voices directly in the game,” Capcom said. “Feel the excitement of competing in a tournament from the comfort of your own home.”

And yes, the logo that received backlash from the reveal is gonehaving been replaced by a much more visually appealing one that incorporates the roman numeral for six, VI, into the actual number behind the games title.

Screengrab via Capcom

In addition to all of this news, Capcom has officially confirmed SF6 will bring the franchise back to Xbox, with plans to launch on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam next year. Additional details about the game will be shared in the near future.

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