Can’t stop, won’t stop: Hand injury pushes ATF to bash bots in hilarious Dota 2 grind

Dota never sleeps.

OGs former offlaner, ATF, was recently spotted playing versus AI bots by Dota 2 fans. The issue was brought to Gorgcs attention and streamer sent a DM to ATF to ask what was going on.

ATF told Gorgc he injured his hand by playing too much and he could only use his left hand to play, so he decided to continue practicing versus bots. Given that a role change could be on the horizon, ATF has been fiending ranked matches ever since returning from TI11.

There were days when ATF would play 15 or more matches, which could be the reason behind his injured hand. Each Dota 2 match takes around 35 minutes on average and they can last up to an hour or more.

Without breaks, this amount of practice could even hurt pros.

Despite being regarded as a toxic player in ranked matches, ATF is one of the most committed players when it comes to practicing. As hes looking to transition into a position as one player, its only natural for ATF to get in as many matches as possible before the DPC season starts so he can feel comfortable in his new role.

ATF still hasn’t announced his plans for the future, but considering hes been one of the constant variable in each high-ranked Dota 2 match in Europe, theres a decent chance he might move on to scrimming with his next team prior to the upcoming DPC season.

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