Call of Duty’s Strongholds are the next battlefield Warzone 2 streamers are arguing over now

They're not everyone's cup of tea.

Strongholds in Warzone 2 have been divisive ever since they were announced ahead of its release. The idea of having fortresses riddled with AI enemies across the map, which then become key targets among players when activated due to the loot inside sounded good in theory.

But now its in practice, the community is torn over whether its a good thing.

Some are calling on the Warzone 2 devs to remove it. They claim it doesnt add anything positive to the battle royale experience despite becoming a main part of the gameplay loop, and people arent enjoying it.

Streamers have been roped into the debate too, and theyre just as divided as everyone else. Symfuhny, for example, thinks theyre a good addition. The 22-year-old star said Strongholds are actually nice and add to the gameplay, but understands its an unpopular opinion in the Warzone 2 fandom.

CouRageJD isnt as enthusiastic about them, but isnt totally against them either. I really dont mind them, said the YouTube star. I just dislike how its a never-ending swarm. It feels like the bots are a coin flip. Either the worst ever or the reincarnation of Scump.

FaZe Testy, however, went all-in with his view. He believes the real purpose of Strongholds is to give bad players (which he referred to as bots) a chance to feel better about themselves, and for that reason, the devs would never remove it.

FaZe Swagg also seemed to agree with the idea of removing it, although he didnt elaborate himself.

Strongholds shook up the gameplay loop in Warzone 2 quite a bit. They give players something else to do, and the battles over them (and the resulting loot) can be a bit of a curveball.

Itll be interesting to see how the developers tweak them in the coming weeks and months (if at all) to cool the waters and make them a more viable addition in the eyes of its biggest critics. 

Removal seems unlikely since they were advertised as a core new Warzone 2 feature, but if the divisiveness continues, anything is certainly possible.

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