Call of Duty’s DMZ mode looks like a fast-paced, more casual Escape From Tarkov

This could be a big hit, or fall flat entirely.

Call of Duty has finally shown off some gameplay from the upcoming new mode DMZ coming with Warzone 2, and it’s already garnering some intense reactions.

The mode is an attempt for CoD to enter the extraction shooter genre, made popular by games like Escape From Tarkov, where players spawn into the massive Al Mazrah map and complete various objectives while trying to survive.

Imagine playing against AI enemies on par with CoD campaign on Veteran on a battle royale map with other human players while trying to earn high-level gear. That’s the basic gist of DMZ.

Before matches, players select their loadout weapons that they will then risk by playing the game. If you die in-game, you lose whatever you have on you. Some players soon learned about this mechanic quite quickly.

Top streamers like Shroud, DrLupo, Symfuhny, and many others visited Infinity Ward to play the game this afternoon and streamed it live for the world to see, including some unfortunate bugs that exist in the title that will launch in just one week.

In one funny moment, DrLupo opened up a Stronghold with a key that he found in-game. Strongholds are buildings and areas held down by powerful AI combatants who are guarding strong loot and gear. He was immediately downed and then met by a squad of riot shield-wielding soldiers.

Later, DrLupo’s team tried to exfiltrate with the gear they had earned in the game. Calling in for the chopper immediately called attention to the area and the team was soon swarmed by AI combatants and immediately eliminated.

The hook in modes like DMZ is the basic concept of risk vs. reward. You can risk everything you have by trying to earn higher rewards from enemy players or AI Strongholds, or be happy with what you have and attempt to exfiltrate as soon as possible. Player choice looks like a big part of the game, but players will need to exfil eventually because radiation slowly fills up the map over time, forcing teams to move.

DMZ truly seems like the Tarkov formula with the casual CoD twist on it. It likely won’t be popular with everyone, but it could bring many new eyes and players to the extraction shooter genre.

DMZ will launch alongside Warzone 2 on Nov. 16.

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