Call of Duty to finally add combat records and leaderboards to Warzone 2 and MW2

Let the records stand.

A couple of anticipated and long-awaited features, that many dedicated Call of Duty players feel should have been included with the game’s launch, are finally coming to Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 in season two.

Combat records in Warzone 2 will officially come online in season two, allowing players to record and track their kill/death ratio, win/loss ratio, and total time and games played. Players have been able to access combat records for MW2 multiplayer for some time and have been impatiently waiting for the same to happen for Warzone 2.

Sadly, though, the combat records for Warzone 2 will only record action from “the activation date forward,” meaning that all statistics and records from season one will be lost forever, which will surely be disappointing to the game’s most dedicated players.

In addition to the launch of combat records, a leaderboard for MW2 will be brought online as part of season two. This leaderboard launch coincides with the anticipated release of Ranked Play, where players will play with the same rules and restrictions as Call of Duty League play.

The release of both combat records and a leaderboard is a long time coming. Combat records were supposed to released during the season one reloaded update, but Activision had to delay that launch “due to the accuracy of the data population.” Warzone 2 players have waited months now for combat records to deploy.

More information about both the Warzone 2 combat records and MW2 leaderboard is expected to be released in the impending season two patch notes.

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