Call of Duty players don’t want to play DMZ to unlock a new gun, so they’re trying to cheese it

Extraction is harder than spending cash.

Call of Duty’s Season 01 has added new things to play in Modern Warfare 2, alongside launching Warzone 2 and the new DMZ modebut not everyone’s happy with how some of the content is being delivered.

One of the new weapons added in MW2’s Season 01 is the M13B, an assault rifle that’s pretty good by all accounts. Many players want to use the new weapon, but there’s just one problemit’s currently only available by playing the new DMZ mode.

DMZ is CoD’s spin on the extraction shooter genre, a la Escape From Tarkov, where players load into the massive Al Mazrah battle royale map to attempt to find good loot and extract it from the area. The M13B is dropped by a specific boss in a specific area of the map, and players are not enjoying the grind for it.

The MW2 Reddit has seen numerous posts over the days since DMZ launched where players are complaining about the process, looking for help, or straight up trying to cheese it by having someone drop their own M13B for them to pick up and extract.

Moderators are quickly removing the posts because they apparently break some kind of rules, but the comments are still viewable. One commenter said they have “been trying to unlock it for a while now” and they “have no friends to help me attempt this just because nobody likes DMZ.”

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The M13B can be unlocked by having a generous player or friend load into a DMZ match and drop the gun for you. Players can then extract it as soon as possible without risking losing it by dying.

Any weapon in the game can be unlocked by extracting it in DMZ, which is great for free-to-play players who are looking to level up weapons for Warzone 2. But DMZ seems to be very hit-or-miss with most players in its first few days, with many claiming they don’t understand the mode or its purpose.

DMZ seems to have some potential, but its target audience of the casual CoD player may need some more time to figure out its inner workings. For now, though, it seems like players just want to get their guns and play other modes instead.

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