Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 devs give first look at Farm 18 map

There's a little bit of Shoot House inside the map.

Call of Duty‘s next game, Modern Warfare II, is about two and a half months away, but the developers already showing off maps.

In a new video on social media, Activision introduced a new map coming to MW2: Farm 18. Geoffrey Smith, the director of multiplayer design at Infinity Ward, said the developers took elements from the Modern Warfare map Shoot House and implemented them into Farm 18.

“Farm 18 came out of the idea ofwe kind of like the Shoot House facility map, so we decided to think of hidden training facilities,” Smith said. “But it’s also in an industrial cement factory, and the idea was, what if we put a Shoot House-type situation in the middle? If you really want to play that crazy game, you can go to the center and that action will find you. If you want to pull back and play a different way, it’s still available to you.”

Activision confirmed Farm 18 will be a part of the MW2 beta, which will arrive in the back half of September. Farm 18 also appears to be just the first of the ‘Intel Drop’ videos Activision will release, so it is possible more MW2 maps will be revealed before the beta period begins.

PlayStation players will be able to gain early access to MW2 on Sept. 16 and 17 before the open beta on the platform from Sept. 18 to 20. Xbox and PC players will get early access on Sept. 22 and 23, the same days PlayStation players will again have open beta access. The open beta for all platforms will last from Sept. 24 to 26.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is set to release on Oct. 28.

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