Call of Duty devs call out fan who turned up at studio to protest MW2 ban

Why on earth did they think this would work?

We all know that developers sometimes deserve some flack for making mistakes, but rocking up on the devs doorsteps is not on guys. Not cool.

The Call of Duty developers have had their fair share of criticism regarding bugs and crashes, and now theyve had a disgruntled banned player arrive at the studio.

The player made their way to the studio located in Texas with the aim of voicing their frustration in person and asking for an employee to talk to. 

As reported by PCGamer, a now-deleted Reddit post shared the perpetrator’s frustration after being met by a security guard who, fairly, wasnt allowing any face-to-face contact with employees. 

The developers have rallied to the company’s side saying it doesnt help and we fear for our safety.

Jacob Garcia, RandomJPG, pointed out that these employees are getting like $15/hr and still can’t afford the rent they split with three other people, and the last thing they need is angry customers showing up at their office.

The security guard in the Reddit post also highlighted that they were short staffed.

This vigilante behavior was a result of the Redditor being wrongfully banned on two occasions, and after spending $140 on a title, the user believed two parties should have more of a dialogue compared to the appeal system they currently have in place. 

Hopefully, there is enough backlash to stop people from just arriving at the developer’s headquarters. 

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