Call of Duty begins teasing next season’s new Warzone map, Fortune’s Keep

The treasure hunt begins.

Call of Duty has revealed a snippet of the mini-map for the upcoming new small-scale map being added to Warzone next season.

The new map, Fortune’s Keep, is expected to replace Rebirth Island as the de facto Resurgence map for small-scale battles to pair up with the larger Caldera for Battle Royale.

The CoD Twitter page teased that “undiscovered riches” await on the new map and hinted at some sort of ARG or treasure hunt for players to seek out the remaining pieces of the map to fully reveal it.

“We’ve received intel from a mercenary informant that eleven other pieces need to be uncovered,” the tweet reads. “Complete the map and claim your fortune.”

There’s not much to decipher from the current picture that was released today. There are some letters denoting points of interest on the map, but they’re currently cut off. If this is one of the tac map’s square grids, though, the map looks to be packed with buildings and new areas to explore.

There’s no official release date for season four of Vanguard and Warzone yet, but season three is scheduled to end around Wednesday, June 22, so the new map could launch around then.

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