Call of Duty adds new hidden DMZ bunker with Season 3 Reloaded, featuring the toughest enemies yet

It's dark down there.

A new area to explore beneath Al Mazrah itself is officially being added to DMZ when the Call of Duty Season Three Reloaded update drops on May 10, and in typical fashion, the information on it has been classified.

In the Season Three Reloaded midseason update post, the underground Koschei Complex is somewhat unveiled as “something that could shift the entire DMZ as we know it.” However, much of the information in the post is redacted.

Image via Activision

Players will have to “find a way to locate one of multiple entrances to this subterranean bunker complex,” but it’s unclear how hard it will be to find these entrances or what will be needed to unlock them. Additionally, the midseason update post alludes to the dark multiple times when referencing Koschei Complex, and says that players will need to add illumination via flashlights or night vision goggles.

The post also says to “expect some of the toughest [[REDACTED]] outside of Building 21,” and we can assume this is referencing enemy AI combatants, given how challenging the ones in Building 21 are. Players looking to get in and out of the Koschei Complex will need a full assortment of weapons, gear, armor vests and plates, and more.

So what does this mean for DMZ? The introduction of this area and it’s reliance on illumination means that both flashlights and night vision goggles will likely be added as equipment, and players will need to find them or load in with them prior to heading into Koschei Complex.

As for the methods of accessing Koschei Complex, we’ll have to wait until the update goes live, and there’s no telling whether there’s a key involved, whether the entrances are always the same, or how big the complex is.

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