Call of Duty 2024 reportedly has a codename and a place on last-gen consoles

A light in the distance for those who can't upgrade.

The 2024 Call of Duty release currently in development reportedly goes by the codename Cerberus, and according to information provided to Insider Gaming, the game could be coming to last-generation consoles.

Insider Gaming has reportedly accessed documents that were acquired via an Activision data breach from December 2022, one that the outlet says it was able to “verify the legitimacy of” earlier in the week. These leaks included MW2 season dates and another unreleased project codenamed Jupiter set to enter alpha testing in May or June of this year, which could be the 2023 release.

These documents reportedly contain multiple references to Cerberus, the reported codename for the CoD 2024 release, being on previous-gen consoles.

Call of Duty still has a large player base on both the last-gen consoles in the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, and the most recent releases have come out for both last-gen and current-gen consoles. But some fans have become worried about last-gen playability, especially in the wake of Microsoft’s still-pending acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

This acquisition, which is still facing numerous regulatory hurdles including a lawsuit to block by the U.S. FTC, could be what keeps last-gen releases in the plans for future releases. If Microsoft wishes to prove that its acquisition would not “monopolize” franchises like Call of Duty, then including last-gen releases long-term could help its case. Yesterday, Microsoft announced new 10-year deals to bring the franchise to both Nintendo and Nvidia platforms in response to regulator scrutiny.

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