Call of Duty 2023’s reported name will make players say ‘déjà vu’

Get your squad ready for an explosive end to the year.

Call of Duty fans might now know the name of the franchise’s highly anticipated 2023 installment.

The next game in the popular series will reportedly be called Modern Warfare 3, according to Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson. This would essentially market itself as a successor to last year’s wildly successful release. The game is also reportedly in development by Sledgehammer Games but supplemented by Infinity Ward.

MW3 will reportedly feature a whole new campaign, multiplayer, zombies, and a new Warzone map to boot, releasing as a standalone title instead of a premium expansion to MW2 like previous reports had suggested.

According to Insider Gaming, this new Warzone map will feature Las Almas, which is a fictional region and city found in the MW2 campaign. The region is situated in the north side of Mexico, near the border of Texas where mostly forest-like areas and mountains can be found. There are two cities in this region as well: Las Almas and Olmeda.

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The map could reportedly make its debut around a month after MW3‘s full release, while the title’s zombie mode might be a revamped version of Outbreak from Black Ops Cold War. There are even reports that Sledgehammer has considered making zombies a free-to-play game mode for players to enjoy.

Expect more news on this upcoming title in the coming months, especially with multiple reports claiming that the game is slated to release on Nov. 10.

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