Caedrel thinks a Rekkles role swap could help Fnatic get to the bottom of LEC issues

The first changes made already took the right direction, according to him.

League of Legends caster Caedrel weighed in on Fnatic’s performance issues and how they could fix them ahead of the 2023 LEC Spring Split earlier today.

He said a change had to be made in bot lane because Rekkles and Rhuckz’s playstyles were “absolute opposites.” He said the best scenario possible was to get back Upset into play.

Upset had tremendous performances last season, and many fans were disappointed to see him getting benched from the roster following Rekkles’ signing. Caedrel said Upset could return to the active roster if Rekkles made way for him, and it could be possible if he simply switched to the support role.

“I feel like it would be a refresh and he’s been playing a lot of support these last few years,” he explained on a Twitch live broadcast. “He’s really good at ranged supports, and there’s not many of them in Europe.”

He mentioned Rekkles previously proved to be skilled at playing champions like Janna, Karma, Senna, and Ashe. While the meta favors a number of those picks in support now, it could be different when Spring Split kicks off, however.

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This move would be risky, but it would be worth taking, according to Caedrel. The esports caster discussed Fnatic’s changes by commenting on the last roster change reportings that claimed head coach and support wouldn’t remain on the roster.

He said those two changes were probably the first steps in the right direction for Fnatic but considering which profiles are available now, it would be a challenge to sign upgrades without taking significant risks.

The 2023 LEC Spring Split will kick off on March. 11. Meanwhile, Winter playoffs are still ongoing. The second match of the first round will be played tomorrow at 11am CT.

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